The Process Of Being Arrested

When it comes to getting arrested for some crime that you did, it is always the best if you know the entire process that you will have to go through because that will make everything much easier for you and the law enforcement. In this article, I will be taking you step by step through this process in order to explain everything carefully. Of course, nobody likes or wants to be arrested, but if you ever find yourself in a situation like this, you will be much calmer and you will be prepared for what is to come.

Being ArrestedIn some cases, this can even give you an advantage that you can use for your benefit, especially when you were arrested for a crime that you haven’t done. Things like that can happen to everyone, sometimes even the police can be wrong and we all know that. They are just trying to do their job the best as they can because they know that arresting people is the only solution for fighting crime nowadays. Here is the process that you will go through if you get arrested by any chance.

Investigation, Arrest, and Arraignment

The first thing that you need to know is that long before the police can convince you of a crime, they must have a legal arrest and some charges have to be filed. During this process, some police officers have the right to observe illegal activity. Some of the most common cases are when you are driving under the influence of alcohol, or some drugs. Usually, the police officers will get their information from the public directly and they are just following the lead they have been given.

The police officer must witness an illegal activity or have a reasonable belief that the person he is watching is about to coming something illegal long before he can conduct a search of the property or the individual. In some cases, police officers need a warrant from the judge before arresting a person for a crime. Once a person gets arrested, the next few steps would be to get booked, this means taking a photo of the person, fingerprints, and taking as much personal information as possible, especially when it is the first time they have been arrested.

Judgement of a Criminal Charge

Criminal ChargeWhen a person gets arrested, they have to make an appearance just a few hours after being in the detention. At this first hearing, it will be decided if the person has the right to be released or a bail is required first. In case that a person needs a bail, the court will come up with an amount using all the factors such as severity of the crime or some prior criminal activity. After this, the process can and most likely will take a long time before you can become completely free again. If you are in fact committed some crime, then you will most likely be sentenced to go to jail for a certain amount of time.